Lufthansa wants to grow in Munich with bigger jets
Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Lufthansa will fly past blocked plans for a third runway at Munich Airport by using larger planes to keep growing at its second-largest hub, according to a top manager

Long-standing plans for a third runway at Munich Airport were put on ice last autumn by the new Bavarian coalition government of CSU and Free Voters. In a political compromise between the two parties, who disagree on the publicly controversial issue, they decided on a moratorium on planning activities for the next five years.

However, this decision will put increasing pressure on existing capacity at the second-largest airport in Germany, airport chief Michael Kerkloh told some 200 participants at the inaugural European Aviation Symposium at the airport’s Hilton hotel today. Munich already handles more than 46 million passengers a year with its two existing runways.

“If we don’t get any more capacity, then it will get complicated despite our highly efficient operation with two runways. The infrastructure planning of an airport is very complex and long-term. But that doesn’t seem to interest the public,” he criticised.

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