NDC will revolutionise airline sales
Friday, January 11, 2019

The potential of the new IATA standard NDC to transform sales for airlines, GDS providers, travel agents and OTAs but also the challenges facing its implementation will be hot topics at the inaugural European Aviation Symposium in Munich on January 29-30.

IATA developed the XML-based data transmission standard New Distribution Capability (NDC) to improve how airline prices are made available for sale to customers, in particular by overcoming current limitations on product differentiation and time-to-market. Instead of the usual PNR, bookings using NDC will create a One Order data record.

"The entire ordering process with PNR, EMD and ticketing will be replaced in future by One Order - for the airline itself, but also in cooperation with its partners," explains Alexander von Bernstorff, Director of Airline Solutions at Interes, who has been involved in NDC development at IATA for years.

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