Energizing the airline industry with digital transformation
Monday, July 16, 2018

Have you attended a travel industry event in the last few years? If you have, you will have heard the terms ‘customer centric’ and ‘digital transformation’ a thousand times. But these are not just catchphrases anymore. They reflect a reality. Travelers expect more and airlines are responding to these requirements

In fact, these were the two main topics discussed during the Airline Executive Summit in Prague  under the ‘Amadeus, your digital partner’ theme. With 93 airlines and over 300 executives from all over the world, this was the perfect place to see opportunities, real life cases, and the challenges we all face to make this a reality. Here, the real value of the Amadeus Airline Platform was brought to life on stage by Christophe Bousquet, SVP of Airlines R&D at Amadeus. It offers airlines agility, flexibility, and collaboration. It also enables airlines and developers to innovate jointly with us. Our open platform is unique as it’s designed for the travel industry by travel experts based on state of the art technologies.

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