Is everything going AI?
Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is THE trend for 2018. Whether it’s a friendly airport guide or ordering a hotel snack via a voice-controlled smart assistant. You’ll be amazed to see where AI is being used these days.

It wasn’t that long ago that we all thought robots were the stuff of science fiction. But in many areas today they’re part of normal everyday life. On a business trip, it’s highly likely you’ll be encountering Artificial Intelligence in one way or another. Here are few examples of what we’re talking about.

At the airport

For the 2020 Olympic Games in Japan, robots at the Tokyo-Haneda airport will receive passengers, transport their luggage and show them how to get to where they need to go. This should ensure that the anticipated surge of visitors is handled smoothly.

At South Korea’s largest airport, Incheon International Airport near Seoul, “guide robots” help visitors to their desired destination. Here again, thanks for this development goes to the Olympics, since the 2018 winter games are currently held in South Korea.

But it’s not just in Asian airports that you’ll find robots at work. As early as 2014, Düsseldorf Airport deployed a parking robot. Perhaps too early as it turned out, since many visitors had reservations about them. In 2017, they re-engineered the technology of the “RAY” parking robot. It is expected that the new robot technology will enhance the public’s comfort with the robot.


When it comes to Artificial Intelligence, Asians are ahead of the pack primarily due to their degree of acceptance of its use, even in the hotel sector. There are already hotels in Japan where the person greeting you at the reception desk isn’t a person – it’s a robot.


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