United Kingdom less popular with business travelers from Belux in 2017
Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Belgium: does Brexit have an impact?

London is still the most important destination for Belgian business travelers although the number of flights in 2017 dropped by 12%. This could be the result of Brexit and multiple terrorist attacks in the UK last year. Madrid and Milan, both with a slight increase, remain second and third in line. Bigger changes are visible for the intercontinental top three: New York is still the most important destination, but, like London, dropped by 12%. Dubai went down by 20% from second to fourth place, enabling Singapore and Washington to climb to second and third places respectively.

The Italian economy saw unexpected growth last year, with a correlating increase in the number of flights into the country. This meant that Germany, after a few years in the lead, now takes second place to Italy. Spain climbed to third place and the Czech Republic won back some popularity, closing off the top ten. On an intercontinental level, the US remain in the lead despite a slight decrease. Remarkable are the significant declines of China (-15%) and the United Arab Emirates (-11%), both of which drop down a spot. This could be a result of the oil production limit from the OPEC. Morocco is doing very well with an increase of 10% and South Africa, with a growth of 16%, enters the ranking as a newcomer in eighth place.

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