Norwegian expands and targets business travellers
Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Norwegian has announced its plans to further expand from the UK to long-haul destinations, and is focussing on targeting business travellers. The airline said that investing in enhancements to its long-haul services “will provide a stronger proposition to business passengers.”

Norwegian is adding 21 more Premium seats to its B787 Dreamliners, with lounge access included with Premium tickets. It also intends to increase frequency on key routes from Gatwick to give business customers more flexibility. It currently has 13 routes from Gatwick. It also says that two-thirds of its expansion this year will be adding frequency to routes already launched.

CEO Bjorn Kos announced that London-Buenos Aires will increase to a daily service this winter, while there will be further increases to Los Angeles from nine to 11 flights per week and an increase from two to four weekly flights to Fort Lauderdale (Miami). Norwegian also has long-term ambitions to secure slots for a triple-daily Gatwick-New York service.


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