Travellers left on their own in major incidents
Thursday, October 12, 2017

A new Duty of Care survey by Concur shows that of 53 per cent of travellers who have been near a major incident while on a work trip, 41 per cent were not contacted by their company.

Furthermore, of those who had received communication following an event, 37 per cent rated the contact as unnecessary or only mildly helpful.

The news comes despite the fact that employers are legally obligated to look after travellers throughout a business trip. Concur says the figures bring into focus the number of companies failing to deliver on their duty of care responsibilities.

Respondents also expressed a lack of confidence in their employer to deliver assistance during a major event. Only 42 per cent said they felt their company would be able to help in a situation. This is in stark contrast to the fact that 95 per cent would want their company to have a system in place to alert it of their location during an emergency.

The study of 1,050 employees also pointed to a lack of knowledge on the travellers’ part of the support on offer; 78 per cent were aware of the existence of their company’s policy, while only 36 per cent knew they would be contacted in an emergency.


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