Ryanair's head of comms to leave 'worst job in PR'
Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Ryanair is looking for a new head of communications following the decision by Robin Kiely to leave after seven years in the role. PR Week announced he is leaving the role, dubbed 'the worst job in PR', next spring to spend more time with his young family and 'very understanding wife'. Kiely told PR Week: "It's been an amazing experience and I've got more out of this job than I could have ever hoped for, so it's the best time to move on. "It was billed as the worst PR job, but I think anyone in the industry knows it's the opposite and how challenging and rewarding it can be. PR still plays such a prominent role within the business, but the job itself has also changed a lot, as has the airline." Since joining in 2013, Kiely has helped grow Ryanair's social channels to more than five million followers and has transformed its approach from being 'brash and abrasive to building a strong rapport with journalists'. Read on https://www.travelmole.com/news_feature.php?c=setreg®ion=2&m_id=_rs~dnd~A&w_id=35542&news_id=2035142

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