Ryanair Is Changing the Way You Check in – and People Are Not Happy
Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Ryanair is shortening the window of time during which passengers can check in online before a flight for free, from four days to 48 hours.

Europe's largest budget carrier is implementing the new policy from June 13, and it means customers have less time to download or print their boarding passes. Failure to do so means paying a £55 fee at the airport.

Passengers can, however, check-in and download their boarding passes on the Ryanair app up to two hours before their flight departure, and those who pay an extra £4 after booking their flight can still choose their seats and check in up to 60 days in advance.

Those who don't pay to reserve a seat, and who check in within 48 hours online, will be seated at random.

Don't like it? Customers who have already booked to travel with Ryanair after June 13 have until May 19 to cancel their booking for a full refund, should they wish.

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Hasn't Ryanair done this before?

Yes. Two years ago passengers had a full seven days to check in ahead of their flight, meaning in many cases that passengers could claim their boarding pass for both legs of their upcoming journey at the same time.  

That time frame was reduced to four days in 2016. Now it's being halved again.

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