Passenger compensation service helps travelers claim their rights- BCD
Friday, January 12, 2018

New solution for all European clients of BCD Travel: Air Disruption Compensation is now available. The service facilitates the compensation of business travelers in case of cancellation or delay of flights. There is a high demand for this service: currently only 5% is claimed for, leaving 793 million euros of compensation on the table.

Air transport disruptions concern about 8% of flights worldwide. It is estimated that 2.4% of flights subjected to European regulations are exposed to a cancellation or a delay of more than three hours. On top of the stress for travelers as a result of missing a connection flight or arriving too late for an important meeting, these unforeseen events also generate extra costs, like for meals and drinks while waiting at the airport or even a hotel stay.

Compensation between 250 and 600 Euros

The European Flight Compensation Regulation 261/2004 (EC 261), which is applicable to flights from or to the 38 EU countries and European territory, provides for the compensation of passengers in the event of denied boarding, flight cancellations or long delays of flights. The amount of the compensation is between 250 and 600 euros, depending on the number of kilometres of the flight concerned. Many travelers are unaware of this regulation and each airline has its own claim process which is often time consuming and complicated. As a result, as much as 95% of the 835 million euros in compensation that could be claimed by passengers each year is currently left on the table.

We help you claim your compensation

To inform travelers of their rights and simplify the process, BCD Travel decided to make its Air Disruption Compensation a standard solution for all its customers. In practice, BCD Travel automatically monitors all flights that are eligible for a claim under EC 261, and sends travelers an email notification with instructions to claim their rightful compensation via its partner AirHelp, who will enforce the lawful claim with the airline. BCD offers the service on a no cure no pay basis. If there’s no compensation, there’s no charge. Only if the claim is successful and results in a financial compensation to the traveler, a service fee will be deducted.

Significant benefits for our customers

“Given the actual size of unclaimed amounts, our clients’ travelers are missing out on significant benefits as compensation for the inconvenience caused by delays. Our standard solution for all European customers is designed to inform them of their right to a claim and simplify the compensation process for their travelers, so they can effectively exercise their rights. We continue to offer our customers a gateway to a growing number of services and added value opportunities, truly helping travelers to travel smart and achieve more”, explains Stewart Harvey, President EMEA at BCD Travel.


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