Would you fly in a plane without a pilot?
Friday, August 11, 2017

A UBS poll of 8,000 airline passengers reveals that 54% would refuse to fly in a completely self-piloted plane, even if the flights were cheaper.

The study claims that autonomous aircraft could result in savings for airlines of more than $35 billion a year, made up of $31 billion, and $3 billion from eliminating the need for training courses, along with fuel savings of $1 billion, all of which would presumably mean cheaper tickets.

The autopilot is by no means a new concept in aviation, dating back to 1912, when the Sperry Corporation designed and demonstrated a system connected to a gyroscope and an altitude indicator that could automatically drive the rudder and tail, thus dramatically reducing pilot fatigue. Most airplanes fly the vast majority of the time on autopilot, mandatory on all airplanes with more than twenty seats, which can handle all phases of the flight except ground circulation and takeoff. However, the idea of completely eliminating the pilot so that technology takes over the entire process still does not seem like a good idea for just over half of passengers.


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