UK - Government issues no deal Brexit flight warning
Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The UK government has issued a series of warnings on potential disruption for citizens travelling into and from the EU by road and air.

While the government is still claiming it is confident a deal will be struck, the latest ‘technical notice’ is one of a series of letters issued to allow the country to prepare for no deal.

The DfT says it is putting contingency measures in place “to ensure holidaymakers and businesses can travel and explore after Brexit”. It is advising the aviation industry to review ‘potential implications’ for supply chain and staff with specialist qualifications.

The guidance on aviation security says the current regulations – based on EU rules – will remain in place, but if the EU decides not to recognise UK standards, passengers transferring to other flights at EU airports might have to go through security checkpoints again regardless of being screened in the UK.

More importantly, a no deal Brexit could mean that airlines that operate flights between the UK and EU “would lose the automatic right” to continue those services


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