Medical tourism trends in the CIS in 2016
Monday, March 20, 2017

Which destinations are popular with CIS countries? And why are people from these countries travelling for treatment? Zeeshan Zaman from Bookimed reveals the latest data.

With the advancement of medical tourism more and more people are getting to know about treatment abroad. Bookimed has conducted an analysis of the market in the Commonwealth of Independent States for 2016.

Which destinations were chosen by patients from the CIS countries? Which specialties were they interested in? Which are the requirements of the CIS market?

What are the benefits of medical tourism to CIS region

In 2016, the most interested people from the CIS countries looking for treatment abroad were from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. It’s not surprising, as according to the Central Intelligence Agency, Ukraine and the Russian Federation are in the top 10 countries with the highest death rate in 2016, taking the 4th and the 10th places correspondingly.

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