AMADEUS - NDC-X Advisory Board fuels collaboration among travel industry players
Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Earlier in 2018 we launched NDC-X – bringing together all of Amadeus’ NDC activities on the IT and aggregator side under one roof. Since then, we’ve made great strides with numerous airlines and travel sellers joining our NDC-X program.

Now, we’re excited to launch an initiative called our NDC-X Advisory Board. We have already celebrated one of these meetings with 10 travel seller customers, and soon we will be hosting further meetings, including a joint one with both our airline and travel seller NDC-X partners.

These dedicated face-to-face sessions will give all of us the opportunity to openly discuss NDC together. Topics such as the design, implementation, and development roadmap of Amadeus’ NDC-enabled solutions will be on the table for discussion. We will also be discussing gaps in current NDC implementations and working together to come up with solutions that realize the NDC goals of facilitating the selling and servicing of air for airlines and their distribution partners. Why are we doing this? We believe that collaboration  is the key to success for NDC in the travel industry.

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